5 Ways You Can Help During Kitten Season

Bottle feeding kittens

Bottle Feeding A Kitten

As you guys know, we take care of A LOT of cats. And with kitten season underway, we're busy taking care of these lil babies! This is Daisy, our technician bottle feeding a kitty whose mom was too sick to nurse. We're working to get these babies off to a healthy start!

The time between late spring and early autumn is known as “kitten season”. During this time of year, unaltered cats reproduce prolifically. A female cat can become pregnant as young as 5 months of age. Ways you can help out: 1.Spay or neuter your cats.

2. Help your local shelter during kitten season.

3. Care for homeless or feral cats in your area.

4. Become a foster cat parent.

5. Adopt a cat.

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